SSP Group Meeting
Wednesday, April 5th, 11am-12pm
Division of Informatics, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


Web Site Synthesis: Searching for Different Visualisations

Joćo Cavalcanti

As use of Web sites has exploded, large amount of effort have gone into the deployment of sites but little thought has been given to methods for their design and maintenance. Our work aims to develop a systematic approach to build Web sites applications, using domain-specific formal representations, to make design more methodical and maintenance less time consuming.

The main idea is that from a simple, high level description it is possible to automatically derive an appropriate intemediate representation via automated synthesis, keeping the application description separated from its presentational form.

On the last talk I described the problem description languauge, used to describe aspects of an application such as information content, transitions rules and constraints. We also discussed how these components are used to produce a description of the Web site strucutre, which form the basis for the final step: the Web site code generation.

Now we have got to a point where some domain-specific Web site applications can be automatically generated by our synthesiser prototype. In this talk I will present how we relate the high level description with the visualisation and describe the process of code synthesis in HTML, CSS, XML and XSL. Operations are also considered and the Prolog-CGI interface used will be described.