SSP Group Meeting
Wednesday, May 5th, 11am-12pm
Division of Informatics, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


Communication of Knowledge from Synthesised Web Sites II - Towards the Thesis Proposal

Joćo Cavalcanti

Just to refresh your memories, this work concerns reuse of formal specifications of Web site applications. One way to achieve this goal is by means of synthesis of Web sites provided that a description of the application in a domain specific language is given.

In this talk I will present the following:

1. A brief recap of the ideas and goals of this work.

2. What I've done since my previous talk: an implementation of an example and defined extensions to a problem description language. I also will present the set of "skeletons" (programming patterns) and show how it can describe many existing applications in the Web.

3. What I'm doing now: designing a language to input problem descriptions. This should be the language the user will use to specify problem descriptions, however its details should be hidden in a friendly interface.

4. What I'll do next: add a first version of that friendly interface to the previous example implementation in order to support the input of problem descriptions, based on the language designed. And then, find exactly where XML fit in this work, it seems that it is not just a matter of replacing HTML.