SSP Group Meeting
Wednesday, June 9th, 11am-12pm
Division of Informatics, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


Reconstructing Systems for Defeasible Argumentation

Daniela Carbogim

As you might know, we have developed a formal framework for capturing argument dynamics, which can be seen as an extension of Kowalski & Toni's Abstract Argumentation Framework.

Recently, we have proved that existing systems for argumentation fit the generic architecture we have proposed. In particular, we have reconstructed the one presented in [Prakken and Sartor, 1997], which is a logic programming based system for defeasible reasoning intended to model legal reasoning. In this talk I'll go through the issues we considered and the steps we took in order to represent it in terms of our framework.

[Prakken and Sartor, 1997] Prakken, H. and Sartor, G. (1997). Argument-based Extended Logic Programming with Defeasible Priorities. Journal of Applied non-Classical Logics (special issue on Handling Inconsistency in Knowledge Systems), 7:25-75.