SSP Group Meeting

11am, 28 January, 2003
Room 3.03, Appleton Tower, School of Informatics

Ontology and Reuse in Model Synthesis

Virginia Brilhante

The thesis can be seen as a method for construction, application, and evaluation of reuse-oriented model synthesis mechanisms enabled by
ontologies. The method comprises the following steps:

- Identify a conceptual model design problem in a certain domain;

- Identify the kind of information used to substantiate models of  systems in the domain;

- Build an ontology from scratch or through reuse of other ontologies, or simply reuse a suitable one if available, for  semantic annotation of such information;

- Build a mechanism from scratch or through reuse of methods and other mechanisms, or simply reuse a suitable one if available, for construction of models based on the annotated information and reuse of existing models;

- Apply the mechanism to efficiently obtain models of systems of interest;

- Evaluate the mechanism's performance.

In the talk I'll summarise how these steps are addressed in the thesis and the contributions they have given rise to.