SSP Group Meeting

12am, 17 October, 2006
Appleton 4.03
CISA, School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Common Dialogue Artefacts as a Basis for Agent Society

Paul Martin

An agent society can be defined as a collection of agents that observe a number of social norms in order to more effectively interact with one another with respect to a common concern.  Dialogue between agents can be defined as a collaboration determining a distributed concept. Given that concepts articulated in dialogue become part of the social knowledge that is the basis for efficient interaction, it is hypothesised that thedissemination of such dialogue artefacts is the basis for the autonomous emergence of agent societies. Exploring this hypothesis, it is proposed that an explicit calculus for dialogue artefacts be designed and prototyped in order to evaluate how the propagation of distributed knowledge through continual interaction can form agent societies - and how such formation can optimise the dissemination of knowledge within a complex multi-agent system.