SSP Group Meeting

11am, 29 March, 2005
Room 4.03, Appleton Tower
CISA, School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Reasoning in Natural Language

Norbert Fuchs

Attempto Controlled English (ACE) - a subset of English that can be unambiguously translated into first-order logic - is a knowledge representation language. To support automatic reasoning in ACE we have developed the Attempto Reasoner (RACE). RACE proves that one ACE text is the logical consequence of another one, and gives a justification for the proof in ACE. If there is more than one proof, RACE will find all of them. Variations of the basic proof procedure permit query answering and consistency checking. Reasoning in RACE is supported by auxiliary first-order axioms and by evaluable functions. The current implementation of RACE is based on the model generator Satchmo. As a consequence, RACE cannot only be used for theorem proving but also for model generation.