SSP Group Meeting

11am, 17 June, 2003
Room 3.04, Appleton Tower
CISA, School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Formal Life-Cycle Specification with Generic Life-Cycle Ontologies

Marco Schorlemmer

F-Life is a prototype tool for specifying formal life cycles of knowledge components in order to describe and reason about key properties that we expect to be preserved by transformational components ( Its architecture is based on a fixed formal life-cycle calculus, whose semantics is expressed in terms of abstract knowledge transformations using techniques from abstract model theory and semantic information flow.In this talk I am going to describe a new architecture for F-Life, which allows a knowledge enginner to specify and publish life-cycle descriptions based on generic life-cycle ontologies. I will show how to use F-Life to construct sequences of knowledge transformations according to any life-cycle calculus and I shall also discuss how this new version of F-Life may be integrated in a brokering architecture for distributed services of knowledge transformation.