SSP Group Meeting

11am, 21 March, 2006
Room 4.03, Appleton Tower
CISA, School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Three Extensions to LCC

Chris Walton

The Lightweight Coordination Calculus (LCC) was developed by Dave and myself in 2002.  Since then, the language has been adapted in many different and unforeseen ways.  However, the core language has remained remarkably stable, and has proven to be surprisingly flexible. Nonetheless, LCC has its limitations, and these are currently being examined and reevaluated on the Open Knowledge (OK) project.  As a result, the language will likely be extended in a number of ways to better suit the project goals.  In this talk, I will discuss the limitations of LCC and outline three different directions in which the language may be extended, namely: 1) The inclusion of locations from the ambient calculus. 2) The ability to manipulate knowledge using the lifecycle calculus. 3) The representation of knowledge using notions from frame systems.