Feedback, comments, discussions

Feedback questionaire:

A questionaire was distributed at the end of the workshop to get some feedback and comments from the attendees. 23 questionaires were returned, we hope they are representative of the general opinion. The questionaire and the results can be found here. It comes out that the workshop was a rather interesting and fruitful day. People found the talks interesting and at the right level of details. The panel sessions, which gave rise to passionate discussions, were generally found useful and informative. They showed the importance of establishing common vocabularies and definitions between different research fields. Again, many thanks to the speakers and panelists!

Finally, The questionaire also showed that there was a strong interest in having interdisciplinary links between people interested in cooperation between Robotics, Biology and Psychology.

Some comments:

We received several comments for improvements from different attendees and we are grateful for them. They may not reflect the general opinion. If you were at the workshop and would like to give some more comments, don't hesitate to send us an email. A short summary and some more comments can be found on Bob Mottram's web page.


We would be very happy to update this page and make it a basis for discussions on the cooperation between Robotics, Biology and Psychology. Feel free to send us your opinions and we will add them here. Here are for instance some remarks from Eric Ronco (Glasgow) on `natural' vs engineered robotics.

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