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Aberdeen University

Computing Science

Kusel, Iain
Research Interests: Epigenetic growth of intelligence as inferential capacity in complex natural systems and the formalisation of such capacities in robot and production system architectures.

Sokell, Jennifer J
Research Interests: Artificial Life, Robotics

Bristol University

Biological Science and Engineering

Jones, Gareth
Research Interests: Target identification by bats, feature extraction, neural networks

Shaw, Richard
Research Interests: Target identification by bats, feature extraction, neural networks

Brunel University

Biology and Biochemistry

Mirotsou, Maria
Research Interests: Human genetics

Carnegie Mellon University

Computer Science

Thrun, Sebastian
Research Interests: Machine learning, mobile robotics and building control

University College London


Recce, Michael
Research Interests: Neural basis of animal navigation, map-based navigation and exploration strategies in mobile robots, computational neuroscience

University of Edinburgh

Artificial Intelligence

Aguilar-Chongtay, Rocio
Research Interests: Image processing, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Nets, Statistical Pattern Recognition

Al-Lakany, Heba

Billard Aude
Research Interests: learning to communicate for artificial agents
Poster: "Allo Kazam, do you follow me? Learning to speak through imitation"

Chagas, Nuno Chalmique
Research Interests: learning in behaviour-based robots

Deacon, Graham
Research Interests:Automated assembly; object manipulation strategies

Gadanho, Sandra
Research Interests: self-organisation, emotions and autopoiesis.
Poster: "Exploring Autonomy Mechanisms: The role of emotions"

Gomes, Herman Martins
Research Interests: Neural Networks & Vision

Hallam, Bridget
Research Interests: Using biological models of learning for robot control

Ijspeert, Auke Jan
Research Interests: Evolving biologically inspired locomotion controllers
Poster: "Artificial Lampreys: Comparing naturally and artificially evolved swimming controllers"

Lee, Wei-Po
Research Interests: Evolutionary Robotics
Poster: "Evolving hierarchical control system", "Evolving robot body plan"

Leite, Alzira
Research Interests: Evolutionary Robotics, Artificial Life

Lund, Henrik
Research Interests: Evolutionary Robotics, Artificial Life, Adaptive Behaviour, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks. Using robotics approaches to verify neuroethological hypotheses.
Poster: "Evolving sufficient Neurocontrollers for mobile Robots", "Evolving 'Toybots' - towards an artificial Pet"

Malcolm, Chris
Research Interests:The Behaviour-based approach to assembly robotics; Philosophy of Mind as applied to robots.

Massios, Nikos
Research Interests: Parallel/Distributed Computing, Mobile & Industrial Robotics, Machine Vision.

Peremans, Herbert
Research Interests: Biologically inspired sonar system
Poster: "Framework models for robot navigation", "From bats to robots and back again"

Perkins, Simon
Research Interests: Robot Shaping
Poster: "Incremental acquisition of complex robot behaviour using structured evolution"

Reeve, Richard
Research Interests: evolution of biologically motivated controllers for legged robots
Poster: "Generating walking behaviours in legged robots"

Schmidt-Cornelius, Hanson
Research Interests: Evolutionary methods in robot control, Medical applications for robots, User friendly application software

Research Interests: behavioural and cognitive development using constructivism
Poster: "Why Animal Development May Be Necessary For Robot Development"

Taylor, Tim
Research Interests: Evolution of parallel self-replicating programs
Poster: "COSMOS: A computational model of biological evolution"

Tuson, Andrew
Research Interests: Applications of Evolutionary Computation.

Walker, Ashley
Research Interests: active perception, acoustic localization, motion perception in bats
Poster: "From bats to robots and back again"

Wishart, Andrew
Research Interests: AI and Psychology

Wright, Mark
Research Interests:Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Robotics

Wyss, Felix I.
Research Interests: Robotics, Sensing, Human/computer interaction

Cognitive Science

Ellison, T. Mark
Research Interests: natural computation (including modelling of cognitive and organic systems), artificial life, computational linguistics

Freeman, Jason
Research Interests: Neural Networks, artificial life, robotics, etc.

Hicks, John
Research Interests: Autopoietic Systems and Language Aquisition

van Rijsbergen, Nicola
Research Interests: neural net modelling of low level biology, and in particular oscillating movement in leeches

Shillcock, Richard
Research Interests: Phonological processing, word recognition, impairments of spatial cognition

Smith, Andrew
Research Interests: applications of neural nets to robotics, and in particular subsumption architectures

Westermann, Gert
Research Interests: Constructivist neural networks, language acquisition modelling

Willshaw, David
Research Interests: The Construction of Networks of Neurons and the Computations Performed by Them

Computer Science

Bartos, Martin
Research Interests: medical technology, vr technology, virtual fauna (and flora), evolutionary computation

Burstall, Rod
Research Interests: Computer assisted reasoning

Fourman, Michael
Research Interests: Formal verification and reasoning; formal semantics; distributed computation

Electrical Engineering

Ahmadian, Mansour
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering and cognitive science

Altuna, Jon
Research Interests: Robotics in Computer Integrated Manufacturing environments

Tanner, Rudolf
Research Interests: Neural Nets

Yoma, Nestor B.
Research Interests: Speech Recognition in noisy environments, Stochastic Processes, Neural Nets


Kirby, Simon
Research Interests: Computational simulation of the evolution of language (A-Lang). A-life approaches to language Constraints on linguistic variation as the result of adaptive systems operating on a cultural and genetic timescale.

Hurford, Jim
Research Interests: Computational simulation of the evolution of language. A-life approaches to language Constraints on linguistic variation as the result of adaptive systems operating on a cultural and genetic timescale.

Centre for Neuroscience

Prof. I.M.L. Donaldson
Research Interests:Visuo-muscular correlations
University of Edinburgh, Centre for Neuroscience and Dept. of Pharmacology

Harris, Julie
Research Interests: human visual perception, perception of depth and motion


Urania Coumis
Research Interests: Neuroscience and Pharmacology


Bryson, Joanna
Research Interests: scaling behavior complexity in robots, modular learning

Dickinson, Tony
Research Interests: Comparative Animal Cognition / Evolution of Intelligent Behaviour

Macleod, Hamish
Research Interests: HCI & computer-based learning

McGonigle, Brendan
Research Interests: Characterisations of intelligent systems


Deag, John
Research Interests: Animal behaviour: social behaviour, communication, maternal behaviour and individual differences

University of Essex

Computer Science

Chernett, Paul
Research Interests: Emergent behaviour in groups of interacting Mobile robots

Egerton, Simon
Research Interests: Neural Network methods for mapping in mobile robots.

University of Ghent (Be):

Electronics and Information Processing

Veelaert, Peter
Research Interests: Mobile robots, active sensing, computer vision
Poster: "Framework models for robot navigation"

University of Glasgow:

Mechanical Engineering

Ronco, Eric
Research Interests: Adaptive Control in human and machine; Robotics; Neural Networks

Aerospace Eng.

Gillies, Eric
Research Interests: Artificial life,mobile robots, feature extraction and fluid flow control.
Poster: "Characterizing objects with a mobile robot"

University of Kent

Electronic Eng. Lab.

Duncan, Sophie

University of Leiden (Nl)

Experimental and theoretical Psychology

Olsthoorn, Nomi
Research Interests: (computational) psycholinguistics

University of Manchester

Computer Science

Nehmzow, Ulrich
Research Interests: Mobile robot navigation, machine learning
Poster: "Mapbuilding and route learning in mobile robots"

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology

Biochemistry & Applied Mol. Biology

Moorhouse, Michael
Research Interests: System Simulation

Moscow State University (Russia)

Computer Science and Cybernetics

Makachev, Maxim
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Vison Systems based by models of byological Vision sytems, complexity and optimisation of Vion Systems, Robot's Vision systems.
Poster: "Modelling of mammal's visual system based on homogenous structures"

Napier University, Edinburgh

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Armitage, Alistair
Research Interests: Sensors, Neural networks

University of Nottingham


Webb, Barbara
Research Interests: Perceptual systems for the control of behaviour in robots and animals

Oxford University


McFarland, David
Research Interests: Design and construction of animal-like robots

University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris VI, Fr)


Chocron, Olivier
Research Interests: Evolutionary Algorithms for Robot Adaptation
Poster: "Evolving robot topology from task specification"

University of Plymouth

School of Computing

Bapi, Raju S. (or)
Research Interests: Neural Network modelling of Higher level Cognitive Processes and Brain areas, Biologically Inspired Learning Systems

University of Sheffield

Computer Science

Kazer, John
Research Interests: Biologically realistic neural networks in robotic control.


Prescott, Tony
Research Interests: Computational models of spatial learning and navigation

University of Stirling

Computing Science and Mathematics

Smith, Leslie
Research Interests: Auditory modelling: engineering approximations to neurobiological auditory processing
Poster: "Monaural sound streaming: a feature-based approach"

Center for computational and cognitive neuroscience

Thomas, Martyn
Research Interests: Neural network modelling of visio-spatial metric relationships

Gordon, Alan
Research Interests: Neural networks, Comp. Neuroscience, Cog.Psychology, Genetic Algorithms/Alife.

Lee, Kang Woo
Research Interests: Neural networks, Comp. Neuroscience, Cog.Psychology, Genetic Algorithms/Alife.

Mitchell, Jeff
Research Interests: Neural networks, Comp. Neuroscience, Cog.Psychology, Genetic Algorithms/Alife.

Turvey, Andrew
Research Interests: Neural networks, Comp. Neuroscience, Cog.Psychology, Genetic Algorithms/Alife.


Toombs, Paul
Research Interests: Reinforement Learning of Spatial Navigation.

University of Wales

Aberystwyth: Computer Science

Garrett, Simon
Research Interests: Black Box Learning

Hughes, Nigel
Poster: "A new hybrid Architecture for Mobile Robots"

Lee, Mark
Research Interests: Learning Models

Lush, Alan

Williams, Tom
Poster: "The Appliation of Behaviour-Based Methodologies to Compliant Motion Control"

Wilson, Myra
Research Interests: Behaviour-based Robotics both in assembly and mobile robot fields.
Poster: "Hierarchical behaviours for mobile robots"

Bangor: School of Biological Sciences

Hill, Simeon
Research Interests: Searching behaviour of foragers
Poster: "Can predators improve their search efficiency through low cost learning?"

Cardiff: Environmental and Human Sciences

Smith, Derek
Research Interests: Evolution of Mind
Poster: "Codasyl traversals in animals and animats"

University of Washington (USA)


Fink, B. Raymond
Research interests Autopoietic systems. Bioenergetics
Poster: "Is a basic fallacy latent in AIR Terminology?"

University of the West of England

Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineering Laboratory

Allen, Kevin
Research Interests: Action selection mechanisms, based on animal behaviour, for controlling autonomous mobile robots.
Poster: "Why Action Selection Mechanisms and some noval ideas."

Non academic

Bains, Sunny
Research Interests: Technical Journalist:
Artificial intelligence hardware, especially nonconventional

Budenberg, Bill
Research Interests: Private company:
Computer aided Methods for recording, coding and analysing behaviour
Poster: "Tools for recording behaviour"

Gordon, John L.
Research Interests: NWAIAG company
Promoting the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Mottram, Bob
Research Interests: Mobile Robotics Reinforcement Learning Evolution of Communication and Language
Poster: "Robust Behavior through Feature Association"