Table Tennis Tournament

Rank Name Score
1 Luke Phillips 1063
1 Thomas Segler 1063
2 Aidan Hamade 1049
3 Jackson Pauls 1030
4 Silvio Robel 1016
5 Nils Roeder 997
6 Simon Gillett 990
7 Ruli Manurung 986
8 Lucas Dixon 985
9 Jiajia Li 984
10 Iain Reid 983
10 Michael Jane 983
10 Jai Redden 983
11 James O'Donnell 970
11 Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk 970
12 Alex Panayotopoulos 968


To join the ladder, email with "Join Table Tennis" in the subject.

To play a game, just get in touch with who you want to play on the ladder and challenge them. For the game to be reported on the ladder, the loser should email with the result of the game (including who was playing, of course). For those of you not in the know, there is a table tennis table on the top floor (G) of the AI department on south bridge.

Prizes are yet to be determined alcoholic beverages. But good stuff of course!

Questions and comments to

May the best paddler vanquish!


Frequently Asked Questions


Well, maybe once is not that frequently... Please email any queries you may have.

Q.     Is it always the case that the first serve for any given set of five is done right to right. i.e. there are three r-r servers for every 2 l-l serves?

A.     You can serve to any side of the table you like when playing singles. In doubles, every single serve is done right to right, i.e. if you're facing the table in the appropriate stance, that means serving from the bottom right hand corner to the top left hand corner.

Q.     If so, does this not disadvantage left handed people?

A.     Maybe, I don't know

Q.     Can we play doubles?

A.     Sure, just as long as one of the losers emails me both winners and both losers names