This page lists all the current members of the AI Society. You can find a list of all the previous members of AISoc here. If you believe you should be on this list but cannot find yourself, or if you are intere sted in joining, please mail me at and I will fix it for you, cos I am the fix-it man, and I fix things for you as fast as I can. Oh, and if you want to have a link to your personal page put up here , mail me the URL and I'll see what I can do. No porn, or anything glorifying William Hague please.

Member Number Name E-Mail Address Rank in AISoc
1 Jackson Pauls President/Company Liason Officer
2 Iain Reid Master of Tournaments
3 Aidan Hamade First Year Liason
4 Mark E Fraser Botman
5 Waseem Chauchan
6 James O'Donnell Treasurer
7 Josh Berryman
8 Robert Hutchinson
9 Justine Powell
10 Jiajia Li
11 Simon Gillett
12 Nils Roeder
13 Michael Jane Shadow Secretary
14 Jai Redden Web Man / MSc Liason / Controller of mailing list so be nice to me
15 Andrew Coll
16 Alex Panayotopoulos
17 Colin Pickup
18 Daniel Farinha
19 David Richardson
20 Marcus O'Toole
21 Alex Eros
22 Zoe Rogers
23 Viall Facey
24 Chris Brainbridge
25 Louisa Ferrier
26 Adrianna Teriakidis
27 Sarah Maguire
28 Michael Stirrae
29 Alejandro Gonzilex Romro unknown
30 Lucas Dixon Cascade Boy
31 Peggy Unpaid
32 Maheih Roa Unpaid
33 Richard Grey
34 Ben Lee ???
35 Anna Griffiths Unpaid
36 LeMogne Harwell Unpaid
37 Norny Merry Unpaid
38 Jenny Pidgeon Unpaid
39 Paulas Hamilton
40 Simon Browning Unpaid
41 Rowanne Fleck Unpaid
42 Ross Duncan Unpaid
43 Annabel Unpaid
44 Marcus Unpaid
45 Hannah McGoran
46 Dimitra Unpaid
47 Gerard Unpaid
48 Emilion Unpaid
49 Toby Craig tel.6676000 or 36226 ???
50 Charles Fox tel.07980 291 588
51 Aurelia Missoffe
52 Ted Smith Unpaid
53 Sunil Kothari Unpaid
54 Claire O'Connor tel. 668 3398 Unpaid
55 Jenny Unpaid
56 Silvio Robel