Alison loses a molten marshmallow fight
Alison loses a molten marshmallow fight
Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis: Paul & Christian are
temporarily the tallest men in Britain

Fiona practises her flying


   Timm (Tim for short) & Justin decide that the middle of Clerk
   Street would be a good place to do some handstands

      LOST: AI student.
      Answers to the name Justin
The photo scrapbook was a last minute idea, and so it is currently limited to those photos I could lay my hands on. However, if you send photos in, it will be updated to include them. In time, we will have a comprehensive collection of blackmail material on everyone in the division.

Send photos (a) by internal mail to Daniel Winterstein, C17, 80 South Bridge (remember to include your name so that they can be returned), or (b) e-mail scanned images to