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The AISoc committee: 


Jackson Pauls (
Jackson is a fourth year student of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He is also my whipping boy at pool. 


Jim O'Donnell ( 
Jim is also a fourth year student of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. Now that Hannah has left for another country, Jim is in a strong position to take over as the groups resident psycho.  

Shadow Secretary:

Michael Jane ( 
Mike is yet another 4th year CS and AI student. We decided to make him shadow secretary because the suckers so tall, he casts a shadow over everyone he stands beside. And because our president is a very strange man. 

1st Year Liaison Officer:

Aidan Hamade ( 
Aidan is a fourth year student of Maths and Artificial Intelligence. He is also the groups official cad, hence his willingness to liase with the innocent first years. 

Cascade Learning Scheme Co-ordinator:

Alexios Chouchoulas (
Lucas Dixon (
Alexios is research associate in Artificial Intelligence. Don't really know Alexios, so can't think of any feeble jokes to make at his expense. Lucas is another fourth year studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Lucas is the drunkard of the group; although he is supposed to be helping students out, the chances are if you want him, he'll be in the pub. 

MSc Liaison Officer / Alumni Liaison Officer:

Jai Redden (
I am a fourth year student of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. I also edit the webpages, so I get to refer to myself as I and lightly abuse all of my friends who also work here.

Magazine Editor:

Daniel Winterstein (
Daniel is an MSc student of Artificial Intelligence.

"AISoc Company" Liaison Officer:

Jackson Pauls ( 
Our president is also in charge of our company relations. He also got to elect all of his friends to run the society. Powerbase anyone?

Master of Tournaments:

Iain Reid ( 
Iain does CS and AI and is also in the 4th year. Iain is really clumsy but I can't think of a clever way to weave that into this description, so I'll just leave it at that.

Web-page Manager:

Jai Redden (
Me again. This is where I get the chance to tell you all how wonderful I am. But I can't be bothered.

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AISoc Interest Group Contacts:

Brain Group: Adam Archibald (

Robotics Group: Mark E. Fraser (  

Programming Intelligent Systems: Alexios (

"AISoc Company" (Dynamic Blue):  Rikard Kjellqvist ( 

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Joining the AI Society

Where, when, how...

TO JOIN the society, come along to one of our events or meetings, the times and places of which will be advertised prominently here. You can sign up with one of the committee members. (See Above). 

Please make sure you bring your membership fee (2 pounds for students, 4 pounds for others). EUSA requires that we charge this fee, but, more importantly we need the money to fund all the exciting events that AISoc is planning to organise. 

Alternatively, you can post a cheque made out to "The Edinburgh University Artificial Intelligence Society" (UK currency please!) to: 
Artificial Intelligence Society Membership, 
c/o James O'Donnell, 
School of Artificial Intelligence, 
South Bridge, 

...and why

If you're reading this page, you're probably interested in AI to some extent already. For instance: 

You may be someone who has always enjoyed science fiction, filled as it is with concepts of thinking machines. You may be a student in the discipline or even a researcher in it. You may be active in one of the many academic fields related to AI, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science or Cognitive Science. You may be someone who was vaguely intrigued when the student across the hall from you was studying something mysterious called AI (not Artificial Insemination). 

In fact, it's probable that none of these glib descriptions fit you. But they indicate the variety of people that we as a society hope to appeal to: everyone from people who have a casual interest in AI and would like to find out more about it (or even just what it is) to experienced researchers. All are welcome. 

Whatever your interest in Artificial Intelligence, the Edinburgh University AI Society provides an oppurtunity for you to meet like-minded people, in the setting of one of the world's top AI research institutions. 

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