Edinburgh University Artificial Intelligence Society



Name of the society

"Edinburgh University Artificial Intelligence Society" or "AISoc"

Aims of the society

To help members to gain experience and knowledge of work in Artificial Intelligence by: 

  • Holding special interest group meetings to provide members with a platform for discussion and an opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Hold informal seminars with workers/researchers in Artificial Intelligence from industry or from other academic institutions. 
  • Allowing members to have access to various AI programming tools in order to gain experience in them and of using them to solve AI-related problems. 
  • Providing opportunities for members to experience commercial programming through the "AISoc Company". 
  • To provide a range of services to the alumni of the society, including an alumni database.

    To provide support to the School of Artificial Intelligence in the form of the Cascaded Learning Scheme. 

    Clauses required by EUSA

    • Membership shall be open to all matriculated students of Edinburgh University 
    • Membership shall be open to at least 75% matriculated students of Edinburgh University
    • All members who are not matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall pay twice the annual subscription paid by students, which in turn shall be the minimal amount required to be an official EUSA society
    • The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the society shall be matriculated students of Edinburgh University
    • All office-bearers shall be subject to election annually
    • All members must receive at least 14 days written notification of the Annual General Meeting and of elections not held at the AGM
    • The society's cheques must require two signatories; one must be the Treasurer and the other President or Secretary
    • Constitutional amendments shall require a two-thirds majority at a General Meeting open to all members, 14 days notice of which shall be given.  The quorum of such a General Meeting shall be 10 members including the President, Secretary and Treasurer

    AI Society Clauses

    • In addition to the President, Secretary and Treasurer positions which need to be filled by three different individuals, each of the following positions must also be filled by matriculated or non-matriculated alumni members. A single member can hold more than one of the following postitions:
      • - Interest Group Co-ordinators (1 per group), responsible for running and advertising their group and maintaining and updating its resources, web-based or otherwise.
        - Web Page Manager, responsible for maintaining and updating the society web site. This includes co-ordinating web resources produced by the different areas of the society and maintaining the overall standard of the site. 
        - 1st Year Liaison Officer, responsible for making the society known to 1st year students and organising events targeting them, of which at least one should be held before the third week of the first term. 
        - MSc Liaison Officer, responsible for making the society known to MSc students and organising events targeting them, of which at least one should be held before the third week of the first term. 
        - "AISoc Company" Liaison Officer,  responsible within the society for promoting awareness of the activities organised by the "AISoc Company" as well as advertising the available opportunities to society members. 
        - Alumni Liaison Officer, responsible for maintaining an up to date public alumni database, allowing previous members to update their information. It should be possible to query this database to obtain information on alumni, including their academic and professional interests, and their positions held within the society. The Alumni Liaison Officer is also responsible for organising the alumni events, and act as the society's contact to its previous members. 
        - Cascaded Learning Scheme Co-ordinator, responsible in liaison with the Cascaded Learning Scheme Organiser  (a member of staff at the School of Artificial Intelligence), for the selection and renewal of "Cascaders". The Cascaded Learning Scheme Co-ordinator is also responsible for advertising the scheme in the School of AI, and maintaining the scheme's web page as well as the "cascade", "signin" and "signout" scripts running on the School of AI machines. 
    • Non matriculated members can vote in any election only if they are alumni of the society. 
    • The procedure at any committee election shall be as follows: 
      • - Any member of the society may stand for any position advertised. A list of the available positions will be distributed along with the written notification of the election. 
        - Votes shall be cast by the raising of hands unless any member requests otherwise, in which case votes shall be cast by a secret ballot.